Authored by John Martin

Same Day Flight Change Policy for American Airlines:

Any change of strategy suddenly? Don't worry, American Airlines offers a hassle-free service on other flights the same day, but costs a price.

In contrast to altering a ticket on a different day, passengers will have to pay less on a different flight time slot (due to a change in their flight on the same day or via stand-by). The official website of the American Airlines or airlines' ticket counter provides a request for the Same Day American Flight Change.

Same day flights steps:

Step 1:

Please ask the agent for any adjustments to your reservations for a flight at American Airlines Reservation Department. The departure time of the rescheduled flight should be less than 1 to 12 hours after you call.

Step 2:

If you are already at the airport, go to the self-service kiosk of the airlines or counter. To turn on the kiosk and discover your reservation with airlines, use your credit card or any other personal identity, such as your passport. On-screen instructions will be offered to change flight depending on availability. The change charge is imposed, payable immediately at the airport by credit/debit card. Receive the new machine boarding pass.

Step 3:

If you are already at the airport, speak to a representative of US airlines at their kiosk or counter. In the following 12 heures, the agent will give you with flight alternatives for your destination. You can pay the change cost directly to the agent. Collect your new pass. Collect your new pass.

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